The Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter, Inc. is finding out just how useful the Internet can be in assisting owners who are looking for lost pets.  Recently, a Necedah pet owner emailed the shelter's web master with a plea for help in finding her lost 9 year old Miniature Schnauzer , Charlie.  The owner, Frances Glenn, of Necedah, reported that the dog had gone missing when it was let outside in the early morning hours.  Charlie was not wearing a collar or tags because he suffers from several medical conditions, including a crushed esophagus, so a collar can be a bit uncomfortable for Charlie.
Mrs. Glenn found the Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter's web site and emailed the web master with a heart wrenching plea for help in finding Charlie.  The web master, in turn, forwarded the email to its email group list which includes about 60 area people, including WRJC Radio Station, B94.5 Radio Station, the Juneau County Star Times, and the Messenger. Within 24 hours WRJC began announcing the lost dog,  the Star Times offered to publish a 'lost pet' ad, and Charlie's story was also quickly posted on 
The animal shelter's web site instantly started receiving emails about Charlie from people promising to watch for him and to pray for his safe return.  They even received an email from a veterinarian student who suggested that in the event of Charlie's safe return, the owner should use a halter instead of a collar so that Charlie would be more comfortable and secure.
In spite of the concern and prayers for Charlie, or perhaps because of them, Charlie suddenly appeard back home on his own, as mysteriously as he disappeared.  But there is another twist to Charlie's story.   When he returned home, he brought with him a little black cocker spaniel with a leopard collar and no tags.  Charlie's owners kept the little cocker over night and then took him to a local shelter where he was reunited with his owner who had reported him missing too. 


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