The Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter believes in fostering the humane treatment of animals through community education.  We have developed age-appropriate humane educational presentations to take to private and public schools, scouting groups, 4H Clubs, and other community groups.  Our topics include safety around animals, pet owner responsibility, tips on choosing a pet, and the importance of spaying and neutering.  If you are interested in having a shelter representative speak to your group contact:

                                Education Coordinator  608-847-4060 or click here.

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Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar. ~ Bradley Miller
Wonewoc Students practice being a 'rock' when encountering an agressive dog.
Wonewoc students eagerly respond to questions from Carl W. Nelson volounteers.
Westside RIF students listen to the 'Cats, Dogs, and Kids' video which teaches safety around animals.
A Westside RIF student practices being a 'tree' if encountering an agressive dog.
Vounteer Kathy Storandt shows students the 'Let's be Safe Around Cats and Dogs acitivity book which is purchased for the students by Culvers of Mauston .
Elroy Summer Reading Program Students complete an activity in the 'Let's be Safe Around Cats and Dogs' Activity Book.
Elroy Summer Reading Program Students practice meeting a strange dog with Shelby.
Elroy Summer Reading Program Students are introduced to Shelby our CWNAS mascot.
Hatch Public Library Summer Reading Students snuggle with their adopted 'pets' which were made for us by the New Lisbon Correctional Institute.  Pet 'carriers' were provided for the children to carry their pets by the Mauston Lions Club.
CWNAS mascot, Shelby, the three legged dog, enjoys meeting the students at the Hatch Public Library's Summer Reading Program.
New Lisbon Summer Reading Students meet Shelby, the CWNAS mascot.